Brooke Reads Tarot

Upcoming Classes

Classes are offered in person at The High Priestess,
108 Broadway, Second Floor,
Historic Downtown Jim Thorpe, PA

Class size is limited to six students.

Tuition is 100% reimbursable if you email to cancel your seat within 7 days of the class date.

Private tutoring and private group classes are available on these subjects, as well as many others.   Kindly inquire.

For students seeking lodgings, please consider the loving, luxurious hospitality of The Gilded Cupid.  Located less than one block from The High Priestess, The Gilded Cupid is a lavishly restored Victorian B&B which offers home-prepared gourmet breakfasts for all palates and diets.

Public parking in Jim Thorpe is free after 5PM, 7 days a week.

Tea Leaf Reading

Tuesday, December 5, 2023 6PM to 9PM

Tasseomancy is an age-old divinitory practice that uses images formed by tea leaves that cling to the cup to find information from an anomalous source. Reading the tea leaves is a relaxing, light-hearted way to allow the All-Knowing to show you what is asking for your attention.

All experience levels welcome. Students will please bring note-taking supplies. 

Refreshments served, with a selection of loose-leaf teas appropriate for reading. Offered sweeteners include raw sugar, local honey and stevia. 


Intuitive Tarot Reading

Tuesday, November 14, 2023 6PM to 9PM

Life is a story.  Let the cards show you how it unfolds! This class is appropriate for novice readers as well as those desiring a deeper relationship with their deck. Brooke's intuitive approach will help you create your individual language with your cards, inviting more accurate, useful, and insightful readings.

Students will please bring a tarot deck based on the Rider-Waite format, as well as note-taking supplies. 

Refreshments served.


Intro to Pendulum Divination

Tuesday December 12, 2023 6PM to 9PM

Did you know that a pendulum, made of any material, can give you an immediate YES/NO answer to any question you'd like to ask? Nothing is off limits! Learn to use a pendulum to find information, communicate with Spirit, find lost items, and so much more. This class is appropriate for novices as well as those who want some practice or to add applications for their pendulum use.

Students will please bring note-taking supplies. Pendulums loaned, or bring your own.

Refreshments served.

Anomalous Cognition & Psychic Development

Friday, Saturday, Sunday March 8-10, 2024 9AM to 5PM

All skill levels welcome!
Everybody is psychic. We are born with senses that pull information from anomalous or unknown sources. This intense, controlled-conditions workshop is designed to connect you with your naturally occurring skills. Your class time will be spent learning how to allow verifiable information to flow to you without New Age jargon or Spiritual overtones. Exercises include remote viewing, outbounder targets, psychometry, pendulum dowsing, and easy, effective mind-stilling.

Students will please bring note-taking supplies. Pendulums loaned or bring your own. Tarot decks encouraged for a special set of exercises.
Floor cushions optional.
Lunch and Refreshments Served.